Helensville Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

BPC combined pace, digital smarts, and deft collaboration alongside the client, Watercare Services Limited, equipment supplier, Veolia, and lead designer, Beca, to deliver a critical piece of wastewater infrastructure that will see Watercare continue to meet the growing environmental and sanitation needs of Auckland’s northwest.

In November 2021, Watercare instigated the fast-tracked Helensville Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade to re-optimise the treatment performance of the plant. In less than a month, there was a committed programme to procure, design, consent, and construct the project within a year, with an additional 3 months to commission. A year later, with all major equipment installed, the commissioning team successfully brought the upgraded facility online.

Main construction activity took place on an earth dam with significant restrictive loading limits, dictating construction and installation methodology. This included ground stabilisation, structural works, pavements, drainage, M&E, and commissioning – all while the existing plant remained operational.

To improve the Plant’s performance and achieve compliance, a new Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor was introduced to the treatment process, installed upstream of the existing Ultra Filtration process.