Trenchless construction and rehabilitation

PipeWorks rehabilitates existing pipelines without the inconvenience and disruption of digging trenches in roads and on private properties.

Our approach offers a cost effective and less carbon-intensive means of maintaining network integrity as ageing water and wastewater infrastructure reaches the end of its useful life.

Our story

With older parts of New Zealand’s water and wastewater infrastructure reaching the end of its useful life, we saw the need to introduce international technologies to rehabilitate pipelines without the inconvenience of digging trenches in roads and on private properties.

For over 20 years we have refined these technologies and adapted international methods for New Zealand conditions. We pioneered the use of UV and steam curing and have installed both the longest single CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) and largest diameter CIPP in the country.

Initially focussed on the Auckland market, today we work with local authorities across Aotearoa New Zealand.

The innovative nature of the work and the small team culture has been a great learning environment for graduates and aspiring construction professionals, with career pathways also available within the wider BPC organisation.

Trenchless and rehabilitation capabilities

Construction services include Microtunnelling and Pipe Jacking for pipeline installations ranging from small diameter utility tunnels to large diameter infrastructure builds.

Pipe bursting, Slip lining, and Swage lining to rehabilitate and improve buried pipelines' life and capacity is also available to suit client needs.

Pipeworks are able to rehabilitate potable and wastewater pressure mains with a UV cured structural Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner specifically designed for each application.

Rehabilitation services also include CIPP lining for gravity stormwater and sewer pipes, laterals, watermains and industrial pipes from 100mm up to 2,000mm in diameter; CCTV investigations and Laser Profiling; Pipe maintenance; and concrete protection and remediation for manholes, pump stations, large diameter pipes, wet wells, storage tanks, interceptors, wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities.

Work with us

Tackle challenging projects that are technically complex and address far-reaching community, environmental, and social outcomes.

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