Complete screw piling solutions

Piletech offers unique screw piling solutions – integrating design, supply, and installation. 

Screw piles are a type of deep foundation that can be installed quickly with minimal noise and vibration. Our screw piling solutions can be used for residential and commercial buildings to existing structures and complex infrastructure.

Our story

Piletech has a strong track record as a market leader for screw piles in New Zealand since 1999.

We have inhouse and external engineering capabilities, providing a complete design, supply, and installation service.

Our broad team of Geotechnical and Structural Engineers design and then oversee the piling works, ensuring a comprehensive end-to-end service.

Screw piling is a proven technology with several key variables that determine its success: design based on research and experience to ensure the appropriate helix and pipe design is selected; supply of appropriate quality, verified steel; and installation to ensure the integrity of the installed pile.

Screw piles by Piletech are one of a range of piling solutions offered by Brian Perry Civil.

Why screw piles?

Screw piles are fast. Installation is a one-step process of screwing prefabricated screw piles into the ground.

Minimal Vibration and ground disturbance. Screw piles use their screwing action to penetrate the ground. There is no thumping or hammering.

Installation feedback. The interaction of a True Helix with the ground can be measured and correlated to ground strength at a discrete point, significantly improving the predicted performance of the pile.

No spoil to remove. Screw piles displace the soil as the shaft penetrates the ground.

Access to Restricted Spaces. Screw piles can be installed in sites with limited headroom or width, where equipment used for bored or driven piles simply cannot go.

Excellent Earthquake Performance. Screw piles have a relatively high tensile strength and a ductile response. This is an advantage in earthquake zones, where piles need to resist tensile forces and/or lateral displacements.

Engineering and construction is all about people and problem solving. The opportunity to work alongside people from many walks of life towards a central goal is exciting.

Fatima Atonio | Project Engineer | Piletech

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