Auckland marae wellbeing visit

Our Auckland team members took part in a half day marae visit as part of the Te Whare Tapa Wha Māori wellbeing model.

After being welcomed on to the marae at Auckland Airport, the hauora session took everyone through the five key areas of spiritual, mental/emotional, physical, family and social, and land, place and roots.

Project Engineer Matt Hofmann said he learned a lot about himself and his colleagues during the session. “We had some very good chats and were able to open up to each other on a personal level I have never before experienced in a work environment,” he said. “Haoura is a simple but effective concept to help you be in touch with your wellbeing.”

Other participants included Project Engineer Fatima Atonio, Site Engineer Bariz Shah, Senior Quality Engineer Johana Valencia Delgado, Senior Site Engineer Francis Swanney-Fetalaiga, and Site Engineer Maria Baldaraje.