Taranaki Street Pump Station

Situated in the heart of Wellington city, on a tight site next to a busy intersection and large apartment block, this project involves constructing a new pump station, connecting to the existing wastewater network, redirecting flows into the new pump station, and providing an outlet connection to the future Taranaki Street Rising Main.

The pump station is 10.88m external diameter, 8.66m internal diameter, with a floor level approximately 8.5m below ground. To construct this, we installed 42 900mm diameter secant piles 19m below ground level to form the new pump station’s superstructure.

Instead of the standard polystyrene blocks that would typically have been used for a guidewall, we opted for an environmentally friendly cardboard design that proved both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The project is required to address the existing undersized and aging wastewater network issues, in particular reducing pressure on the existing network, accommodating growth and providing resilience for critical wastewater infrastructure.