Wairakei to Whakamaru C Line Project
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Client: Transpower NZ Ltd
Sector: Infrastructure
Location: Taupo
Contract Value: Approx $20M
Completed: Jul 2013
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

Foundation crews were brought in from Auckland, Waikato and Wellington branches to build foundations for 105 tower pylons for a new 40km-long 220kV transmission line near Taupo.

The new Transpower line will extend from Wairakei to Whakamaru and give greater capacity for transferring energy generated from new geothermal power stations in the area. With foundations completed by BPC, construction of the 30 to 50m-high pylons begins late in 2012 under a separate contract.

The first piece of the work involves building a total of 125km of access tracks leading from public roads through 25 different farmland properties to provide access to the pylon sites.

Work Complete – July 2013


A total of 106 tower foundations have been constructed since starting the project in April 2012.


A phenomenal 80km of access tracks had to be constructed through farm land to get to the foundation sites, with much of the tracks needing to be completed throughout winter. This added further complexity to an already tricky job and was an exceptional performance by the team to do it without an environmental incident. 


With a safety record of, Zero LTI’s, Zero MTI’s, Two First Aid incidents and a TRIFR of Zero is also a breakthrough performance for the project.

Two different types of foundations have been built depending on the specific conditions at each site: bored piles, or pad and pedestal units. Piled foundations involve four piles between 1200 and 1500mm diameter bored up to 20m deep.

Safety was important across isolated sites and rolling farmland exposed to all manner of weather. The project made use of BPC’s Yellow Card system, where near misses or hazards are recorded on a simple standard template for later investigation. Submission of Yellow Cards is rewarded with monthly prize draws for all those who made the effort to submit one. Yellow Cards covered not only safety hazards, but also hazardous behaviours or events regarding the environment, quality, employees or subcontractors.

This project is a great example of BPC bringing resources from across the country to deliver challenging projects for our clients.