Auckland Harbour Bridge - Materials Handling System
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Client: New Zealand Transport Authority Ltd
Sector: Infrastructure
Contract Value: $2.5 million
Completed: Jun 2008
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

Work completed 2008

The extensions to the Auckland Harbour Bridge (affectionately known as the "nippon clip-on's") were constructed in 1970.  The two structures are independent of the main arch and are the ninth largest box girder system in the world.

As Auckland's traffic volumes and loads have increased in the ensuing 40 years, the box girders required strengthening and significant quantity of steel transported into and along the length of the bridge.

New Zealand Transport Authority contracted Brian Perry Civil through an EPC contract to invent, design and build a complete materials handling system by means of a small train.

Complete with locomotive and carriages, the train can haul 1000kg of steel plate over 600m in box at 2.2kph. 

The train is powered by battery banks which last for approximately 4 hours.  Whilst the train is in operation three
standby banks are charged on each platform outside the bridge which allows the strengthening team 24 hour operations. 

Steel is brought to site by truck then lifted by hoist in cradles and mounted on the train to be taken up to 1.3km inside the bridge where it is lifted off and welded in place.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Two Locomotives complete with regenerative braking and able to climb 1 in 4 grades
  • Carriages', Cradles, and Drivers pod
  • Installation of rail inside the West and East Box Girders along its length
  • Installation of Two Cantilevered Platforms complete with foundations
  • Battery Charging Stations
  • Hoisting Equipment and Gantrys