Auckland Bowden Road Weir
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Client: Auckland City Council
Sector: Foundations
Location: Auckland
Contract Value: $1,184,223
Completed: Dec 2005
Main Contractor: HEB Contractors Ltd


Construction of a piled reinforced concrete stormwater outlet structure to replace the existing outlet structure on the banks of the Tamaki River. 

The work included:

  • Reinforced concrete base slab (nominal 600mm deep) to stilling basin and settling basin.
  • Reinforced concrete precast panel walls (200-230mm thick) to above.
  • Reinforced concrete capping beams to (previously installed) 900 dia and 600 dia piles.
  • Casting some unique intricate
    in-situ reinforced concrete shapes like the 2m high Ogee weir, 4m high scour valve chamber and 7 No. shaped baffle blocks and end weir.
  • Diverted stream flow through a 1500mm steel pipe during works.
  • Upstream and tidal bunds to keep water from excavation.


13 No. 900 dia 18m piles and 13 No.
600 dia 14m piles.

This contract was submitted for the prestigious Contractor's Federation Environmental Awards 2006.