Awaroa 4 - Waste Haul Road Overpass
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Client: Solid Energy
Sector: Foundations
Location: Awaroa
Contract Value: NZ $3.3 million
Completed: Jun 2006
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil


The Awaroa 4 Overpass was commissioned by Solid Energy NZ to facilitate the movement of overburden material from Awaroa 4 opencast mine to fill the redundant Township opencast mine over Rotowaro Road.

The work scope included:

  • Construction of 200 tonne multiplate culvert 12.5m wide x 9.5m high x 80m long. This comprised 640 individual plates and 32,000 bolts.
  • Construction of concrete ring beams and thrust blocks.
  • Relocation of the permanent road through the culvert including tie ins.
  • Installation of guardrails and lighting.
  • Placing and compaction of 32,000 cubic metres of selective fill.
  • Bulk earthworks.
  • Construction and traffic management of a 300m detour road.

Permanent diversion of the Awaroa Stream requiring the installation of twin 2.5m diameter Helcore pipes each 90m long with clay liner and rock protection.