Clyde Quay Wharf
Client: LT McGuiness
Sector: Infrastructure
Location: Wellington
Contract Value: $6.4M
Completed: Apr 2013
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

This piling job was situated on the old Overseas Passenger Terminal and formed  the foundations for a wharf upgrade and 82 apartment development on prime real estate in Wellington Harbour.

Brian Perry Civil’s contract consisted of existing pile removal and the installation of 78 bored piles (900mm – 1200mm dia), 103 (500mm & 600mm dia) bottom driven piles and 5 timber driven piles which formed the base of a fishing jetty. Pile depths ranged from 19m up to 35m all within a marine environment. Some bored piles required permanent casing to the toe of the pile due to poor material encountered whilst drilling.

Following the award of the contract, the developer decided to increase the capacity of the piles to better withstand earthquake loads in an attempt to future proof the building when the new building code is released, thus changing the design of the piles during the construction period. Work started with proof boring and test piling in early 2012, with the piling operation beginning in March. Two driven raking piles marked the completion of the piling works mid-March 2013.

This was a challenging project with restricted access and multiple trade interfaces occurring all whilst ensuring the existing structure was not compromised by the piling plant.

Work Update – April 2013

  • 78 bored piles completed (100%) using the RT3 crane mounted drill rig with BM700 handling crane;
  • 103 driven piles complete (100%) using our NCK 406
  • 5 timber piles installed to form a new Fishing Jetty off the end of the existing wharf
  • Extracted 24 vertical timber piles – both vibrated and hydraulically jacked from the seabed
  • Cut out 16 timber raking piles
  • Materials used: 2786m3 of concrete, 361t of reinforcing steel and approx 3.8km of varying sized casing.