East Tamaki No.3 Murphy's Road Watermain
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Client: Watercare Services Ltd
Sector: Infrastructure
Contract Value: $1.71M
Completed: Jun 2014
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

Watercare Services Limited engaged BPC for the construction of 400m of 2m diameter concrete lined steel pipes as part of the East Tamaki No 3 Watermain project. The purpose of this section being completed was to allow Auckland Transport earlier access to the intersection of Murphy's Road and Flatbush School Road and subsequently complete the road upgrade by the end of the summer 2014.

The project had its challenges. The pipes were 12 metres long and about 10 tonnes each which meant lifting and manoeuvring them through the shoring had to be mastered. Trenches were about 4.5m deep. Apart from trench shoring the banks safely, particular care had to be taken to not damage the polyken wrapping over the pipe during installation and back filling.

The project works included installation of:

  • 400m of 2m diameter concrete lined steel pipe
  • One air valve chamber
  • Bulk Supply Point chamber

Work Update September 2014

All pipes installed, trench backfilled and line successfully pressure tested.

Completed pipe installation and testing well within programme.

QA submissions in progress.

This project was a major success from all perspectives – safety, environmentally, quality, relationships and commercially.