Majestic Centre Seismic Stressing
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Client: Fletcher Building
Sector: Foundations
Location: Wellington
Contract Value: $2.0M
Completed: Dec 2014
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil


Supply, installation and stressing post tensioning in the existing Majestic Centre building, Wellington. The project encompasses three distinct work areas; the basement where we are using strand to horizontally post tension a new basement foundation, the level five transfer beam where we are using stress bar from 29 – 56mm bars to stress the existing structure to the newly formed transfer beam and onfloor works where we are using horizontally post tensioned strands to tie across the existing floors and through the central core (lift shaft).


Project Update - September 2014


The last month has seen us complete the post tensioning of the first basement pour. This involved the installation of 75 PT ducts each with 19 strands. Each Tendon has now been stressed to 270T.

On the Transfer beam Fletcher Building have completed the first pour and we are installing the horizontal stress bars for tensioning.

Currently the Onfloor work is on hold while the design is refined to aid construction.