Hobsonville Wharf, Auckland
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Client: Auckland City Council
Sector: Infrastructure
Location: Auckland
Completed: Apr 2013
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil

The much-awaited Hobsonville Wharf was opened on 3 February 2013 by the Prime Minister John Key, and Auckland Mayor, Len Brown in time for the inaugural ferry services from Hobsonville Point to Beach Haven to commence. Brian Perry Civil was the main contractor for the removal of the existing wharf and managed the installation of the new wharf and pontoon.

After a delay to the start of the programme, demolition of the old wharf got underway in early October. Much of the timber from the old wharf was recycled by using it in some of the landscaping around Hobsonville Point. A handful of subcontractors were used for various elements of the project and BPC had a real challenge on their hands ensuring work was co-ordinated to be delivered seamlessly from one subcontractor to another.

A considerable amount of precast concrete was supplied for the piling, crossheads and planks. Stainless and galvanised steelwork was installed for the rafter brackets and timber connections, handrail brackets and supports and bracing. The glulam columns, rafters, purlins and balusters and decking were installed and aluminium glazing bars and acrylic sheeting were installed on the main wharf. One of the more complex elements of the job was the design, construction and installation of the pontoon and gangway.

The Christmas break was a particularly stressful time for the team, with the deadline of the end of January looming. The team worked through, taking only the statutory days off, with the last three weeks of the project being particularly hectic. "I had to do a lot of cajoling and negotiating to ensure deliveries were made on time and our deadlines were met," BPC Project Manager says. "The plaque with the opening date was already there, so there was no option of missing that deadline!".

The wharf is now fully in service and the growing population planned for the Hobsonville area will ensure it is a well admired and utilised structure for a significant time to come.