Structure and Leadership Changes - 1 July 2018
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Structure and leadership changes: Brian Perry Civil (BPC) has officially become a stand-alone business unit of Fletcher Construction, effective 1 July 2018.

The move to separate Brian Perry Civil, Piletech, PipeWorks and Seovic from Fletcher’s broader Infrastructure business allows us to showcase the expertise we offer and to capitalise on the growth the businesses have experienced over the past few years.

Alongside this change a key leadership appointment has been made with Harry Alderson appointed General Manager, from April.  

Construction Chief Executive Michele Kernahan says Harry has excelled in his current role as National Operations Manager for Higgins. “Harry has proven expertise, the experience and management qualities to grow our new business unit,” she said.

“He is a natural leader, has a deep understanding of the markets in which we operate and is widely respected externally and within the business.”

What’s changing?

Launching Brian Perry Civil as a standalone business unit doesn’t mean we are changing what’s working well.  The new Brian Perry Civil will include Piletech, PipeWorks and Seovic, but each of the businesses retains their own names and branding.

All four have strong histories we are proud of.  Our teams are helping to build a better New Zealand by enhancing and extending transport infrastructure, remediating the environment and improving the full range of utilities including energy and the three waters: potable water, stormwater and wastewater.

The relationship with Infrastructure, Higgins and South Pacific continues to be important. 
We have formed strong relationships across the Construction division and shared ways of working.

Those strong ties will be retained as we continue to work together on many projects now and in the future.

Fletcher’s Engineering Plant Yard will also be joining as part of our team while continuing to provide service to all its customers in Construction and Fletcher Building.

Further information:

Download an updated Fletcher Construction structure chart.

BPC Head Office will move from Penrose to Cryers Road in East Tamaki, where we will be co-located with Higgins.  There will be no change to our postal address - PO Box 112-150, Penrose, Auckland 1642.