Health & Safety
“Safety is our first priority.”

Our attitude to safety

Setting and maintaining a high standard right from the start.

  • Commitment - Brian Perry Civil is totally committed to ensuring the health and safety of the public and the construction workforce.
  • Safety at Brian Perry Civil is driven by the senior managers at the top of the business.
  • Priority - One of the top priorities to the business is not only to maintain but to improve on the positive safety culture currently achieved throughout the business.
  • Performance - The Senior Management team actively visit and measure each of the projects for safety performance.
  • Planning - During the planning of projects hazards, specific training needs will be identified. This training can then be carried out either prior to or immediately upon commencement on site.
  • Induction - A comprehensive induction is undertaken for all staff on site, including subcontractors. This induction covers health & safety, emergency planning, environmental concerns as well as a briefing as to what the project objectives and aims are.
  • Management - Ongoing safety management includes weekly toolbox meetings, site inspections and daily pre-start briefings to inform all on site of critical or hazardous activities.

Our Golden Rules

We have launched a set of Golden Rules. These were established as a result of a review of the findings from investigations of fatal accidents, major injuries and high potential incidents across the business. 
These Golden Rules apply to:

  • All Brian Perry Civil employees
  • Subcontractor/supplier personnel working on locations controlled by Brian Perry Civil and to visitors to locations controlled by Brian Perry Civil. 

We strive towards reaching the intent of the principles in all situations. When circumstances are such that a task cannot be performed without violating the intent of a principle, no Brian Perry Civil employee will start or continue with the task.

Workplace Health

BPC recognises the importance of Occupational Health and Safety in the successful operation of the company’s activities. The Workplace Health Policy and Safety Policy are declarations of the General Managers intent to establish a safe and healthy working environment for all of the company’s undertakings.

OCA (Operator Competency Assessment)

This is a standardized competency assessment and training programme for mobile earth moving operators.

This programme has been put in place to;

  • Ensure all Brian Perry Civil operators are deemed competent to operate safely on sites.
  • Comply with the current legislative requirements.
  • Comply with the company mobile equipment procedures and guidelines.
  • To increase the skill level – leading to formal qualifications and safer working environment.
  • To protect and maintain our equipment – reduce maintenance down time.
  • To achieve optimum efficiency and productivity – less work.
  • Improve staff retention and company growth.
  • Greater safety awareness.

Key achievements:


  • Accredited to AS/NZS 4801 TELARC Certification.

Recent Awards

  • Wiri Oil Services Ltd Health & Safety Management Certificate of Achievement
  • AB Equipment Safety award 2010 Punganui Bridge Upgrade
  • AB Safety award 2008 Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • NZCF awards recognise Safety in Confined Spaces, Waihi project
  • Transpower STAR Award (Safety Thanks and Recognition Award)
  • Chevron, Recognition for Incident Free Project Execution
  • NZ Crane Association award Upper Harbour Bridge