Victoria Park Tunnel
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Client: NZTA
Sector: Foundations
Location: Auckland
Contract Value: $410 million
Completed: Apr 2013
Main Contractor: Victoria Park Allliance

One of the country’s largest current construction projects, the $410 million Victoria Park Tunnel involved construction of a 440m cut and cover tunnel underneath Victoria Park. The work created three new northbound lanes between Victoria Park and St Mary’s Bay, allowing southbound traffic use of the existing four lanes across the Viaduct. The project has reduced traffic delays at one of the most congested parts of the Auckland motorway network.

Brian Perry Civil, through Fletcher Construction, was the lead contractor on the project as part of an Alliance with NZTA, Beca Infrastructure, Higgins and Parsons Brinkerhoff.

As well as significant piling and retaining wall construction, the project involved: considerable services relocation; protection of historic buildings; new highway construction; building noise walls; and a new pedestrian overbridge structure.

A high profile project, Victoria Park Tunnel was part of the Government’s seven roads of national significance.

Work Complete June 2012

Excellent management skills and systems allowed great progress to complete this congested inner city project. Work was completed on programme in June 2012. With more than 500 people working on site, good communication supported by robust systems was critical to ensure successful completion of this prestigious project.