Tauranga Harbour Link Stage 2 Piling
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Client: NZTA
Sector: Infrastructure
Location: Tauranga
Contract Value: $20m
Completed: Jul 2009
Main Contractor: Fletcher Construction Engineering


Brian Perry Civil were part of the team to design and construct the Tauranga Harbour Link Stage 2.

Brian Perry Civil offered bentonite piling and base grouting technology as an innovation for construction of the bridge and viaduct piles. This allowed the main contractor to pass on massive savings in time, materials and cost to the client and was an important part in winning the project.

Work scope:

Chapel St Viaduct

  • 72No bentonite base grouted piles 1200dia to 2000dia up to 48m depth with plunged column starters

New Harbour Bridge

  • 11No bentonite base grouted pier piles 2300dia up to 66m depth with double reinforcing cage
  • 4No bentonite base grouted abutment piles 1500dia to 48m depth with 3000dia annulus casing
  • 420m of access staging and fingers including 710dia piles, steelwork and concrete deck

Aerodrome Bridge

  • 14No bentonite base grouted piles 1500dia to 34m depth
  • 70m of access staging including 710dia piles, steelwork and concrete deck

Ground Improvement

  • Installation of 27,000m of EQ drains
  • 100No driven 310UC 15m long lateral spread piles
  • 995No driven 300SED 12m long timber displacement piles

Brian Perry Civil designed and built 2No specialist bentonite storage and mixing plants, bentonite digging equipment, airlift systems and a high tech base grouting pump and mixing unit for the project.

To ensure a high level of quality with new technology all bentonite piles were tested using cross-hole sonic logging and an initial test pile successfully demonstrated the capacity of the bentonite bored piles.