Brian Perry Civil - Tank Cleaning
Client: Various
Sector: Environment
Location: Various
Completed: Jan 2005


Project Experience

Tanks up to 80 metres diameter, many with heating coils have been cleaned. 

Since 1984 Brian Perry Civil have developed specialised techniques and equipment for the cleaning of bulk fuel storage tanks for the energy industry both in New Zealand and abroad.

Brian Perry Civil tank cleaning personnel have been trained to handle all types of product, including leaded materials, to full international Octel standard.  Training has included participation in safety induction courses and breathing air line courses run by the New Zealand Refining Company at Marsden Point.

Brian Perry Civil have, in house, a range of specialist equipment which gives a high level of mechanisation and efficiency to tank cleaning operations. 

Equipment includes breathing air compressors; air lines and full face air masks; gas detectors; air eductors; air driven lights; a purpose designed mobile pump suction unit; various accessories including approved aluminium or wooden hand tools.

Cleaning detergents used are non toxic and bio degradable.

Methods include application of chemicals to break down product, followed by high pressure water blasting or, as was adopted in Antarctica, special drycleaning methods involving use of hydrocarbon absorbent materials, brushing and vacuum cleaning.