Auckland International Airport, Runway/Taxiway Repairs
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Client: Auckland International Airport Ltd
Sector: Foundations
Location: Auckland
Contract Value: NZ $10.2 million (3 projects)
Completed: Jan 1998
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil


Repair of Runway R1/T2, New Taxiway T2A

Completion 1998

Breakout and replacement of 13,000m² of existing runway and construction of 8,500m² of new taxiway pavement, all in 500mm thick concrete.

R2A Runway Repairs

Completion 1999

Replacement of 4,000m² of main runway located 1,200m from Eastern end.  Work was programmed over 12 days to minimise impact on aircraft operation.  Work was completed on a double shift operation 2.5 days ahead of schedule.  2,200m³ of concrete was poured in two successive 24 hour periods.

Taxiway to Runway Project, stages 1 to 8

Completion 2000

Replacement of 36,000m² of existing taxiway pavement with a 500mm concrete pavement to convert the taxiway into a runway.  Managing work to suite aircraft operations on the taxiway and taxiway feeders was critical.

Scope included construction of 15,000m² of new gate hold area adjacent to the domestic terminal.