Title Author Type Size
Arapuni Dam Wharmby, GE 2007 Paper 6.6 MB
Arapuni Dam Wharmby et al, ANZGS 2007 Paper 1.3 MB
BPC & Keller Ground Improvement Brochure BPC Brochure 1.5 MB
BPC Foundations and Retaining Walls Catalogue BPC Catalogue 10 MB
BPC Marine Catalogue BPC Catalogue 4.3 MB
Blackpool Tanks Wharmby et al, BGS-BTS 2001 Paper 1.1 MB
Developments in Piling Techniques Wharmby, SESoc 2010 Presentation 2.4 MB
Diaphragm & Secant Pile Walls Wharmby, SESoc 2010 Presentation 2.5 MB
Digging Deep - Diaphragm Walling Wharmby, GE 2004 Paper 1 MB
Displacement Pile Development Wharmby, FHWA 2004 Washington Paper 1.6 MB
Golden Bay Cement BPC Video NA
Ground Improvement BPC Video NA
LMG at the Southern Cross Hospital to relevel ground bearing floor slabs and improve seismic performance Wharmby, N et al (2013) Paper NA
MacKays to Peka Peka Concrete Pour BPC Video NA
New Lynn Rail Trench McDonald, Newby & Wharmby, ATS 2011 Paper 1 MB
Rebuild Right Retaining Brochure NA
Secant Pile Retaining Wall Construction in NZ Wharmby, Concrete Conf. 2010 Paper 1.4 MB
Sewer Construction using Bentonite in Wellington Wharmby, GE 2005 Paper 1.2 MB
Shafts for Tunnels and Deep Pipelines in Urban NZ Wharmby, ATS 2011 Paper 709.9 KB
Small Scale Housing BPC Video NA
Tauranga Harbour Link Pile Construction & Testing Wharmby et al, NZGS 2008 Paper 333 KB
The Complete Package Brochure BPC Brochure 3.4 MB
The use of vibro-replacement on the Ngaruawahia Section of the Waikato Expressway to mitigate potential seismic liquefaction Wharmby, N et al (2013) Paper NA
Waihi Vent Shafts Wharmby et al, ANZGS 2007 Paper 443.7 KB
Waikanae Bridge Foundations BPC Video NA