Piako Cycleway Bridge
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Programme is currently on target but the big challenge is to give this job the final push to get it done by the end of March.  Particularly challenging, as the branch is very busy at present, so is stretched resource wise.  All the bridge suports have been fabricated and have now been installed onto the piers of the existing road bridge.  The team at the Hamilton yard have been busy assembling the bridge sections.  This has proven to be a very labour intensive process and there have been up to six men putting these together.  The first ones now have hand rails attached and the first of these were transported to site to be installed.  NZTA threw in a curve ball by deciding not to close the bridge to do the work but have been working towards a solution.  Once the sections are installed then handrails have to be installed on the existing bridge parapet and then chain-link mesh has to be attached to the handrails.